Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tidy Home Tuesday

... on a Wednesday, but never mind that. I was at work yesterday and didn't get round to taking pictures!

The Flylady commands me to work on my bathroom and one other room this week.

The bathroom always needs work, but it rarely gets neglected, because, well, a neglected bathroom is pretty gross, and with three little boys whose... aim... is often less than perfect it would get pretty awful pretty fast if I didn't stay on top of cleaning in that room at the very least. That said, I will make sure to give it some extra tlc this week. ;) 

For my one additional room I've chosen boy #1's  bedroom. This room does see some neglect. It's partly because boy #1 isn't the worst offender when it comes to toy chaos. He doesn't have much in his room and, for play, usually ends up 'visiting' his brothers in their rooms. This means that apart from his engineering/building projects, books, and loombands there isn't that much to go wrong in his own room. The biggest menace in there is definitely the loombands, which spill everywhere. I tend to hoover up hundreds of them every time! I'm not really sure how it happens, to be honest, because he doesn't really play with them much anymore (Mummy! Loombands are SO last year!), but they are All. Over. The. Floor.

His room is also tucked away right at the top of the house, next to my office, and that means that often, by the time I've done the rest of the house, I don't have enough energy (or motivation) left to attend to his room as well. 

All in all it's not a room that is very regularly tidied so it could do with some attention.

The task yesterday was to spend 5 minutes in there, just throwing away all the stuff that should have been thrown out or recycled ages ago. 

5 minutes? I can do that...

But that said, there are limits to what can be achieved in a kids room I think. After all, I am not aiming for magazine-cover-perfect, merely for tidy and clean. And it's his room after all, with his things and his art work, and I kind of like it that way. :)

What are you tidying and organising this week? 


  1. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Clothes.. summer and winter, different sizes and what to keep and what to donate..

    1. I've been doing this too, over the past few weeks. It's amazing what's in the wardrobe, isn't it? I managed to pull 3 (!) bin bags full of old clothes out of our wardrobes a couple of weeks ago that I gave to charity, and I still can't really tell the difference!

  2. The changeover over summer/winter clothing, although the summer has been so awful I have barely worn any of my summer clothes this year.

    1. I need to do that too... It's true, though, the summer has been so cold, a lot of the winter clothes never really made it into hibernation over the summer months, and a lot of the summer dresses never got worn at all!

  3. Hmmm, more like laundry for moi. I like this boy's room and how he has that architectural slant on one side.