Thursday, August 02, 2018

100 of 10 - Day 10 - Metro

Little snapshot from our trip to Amsterdam. I've always liked the Metro/Underground/U-Bahn, whatever the thing is called in different places. I like the utilitarian stark architecture and symmetry.

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  1. Whoa. I've never been in an underground transportation system so I have nothing to compare this one to, but that escalator looks hugely long! And very eery. Is the middle a stationary stairway for the poor person who thought getting some exercise a good idea? I'm thinking s/he might rethink that about halfway up (or down even). I'm really curious if it's a deep there as the photo makes it all appear. Loving your pictures!

  2. It doesn't normally look this gloomy - the lighting is kind of odd, but I messed around with the levels a bit with this picture to bring that out a bit. The escalators are really really long, though, it really feels like you are moving up and down a huge shaft. It's a slightly oppressive and intimidating experience I think, though I imagine that commuters travelling by underground everyday don't think twice about it.

    The middle one was actually just another escalator up - I'm guessing during rush hour it gets very busy and two up / two down are needed to deal with the amount of commuters.

    1. Thanks for explaining the picture further, Iris!