Tuesday, August 07, 2018

100 of 10 - Day 14 - Sunhat

 I'm sorry, but I'm cheating a bit with this one. I simply didn't get round to taking a proper picture yesterday or today and I'm absolutely shattered after a very busy (but fun busy, so it's OK!) day, so today my 100 of 10 picture is my nearly completed Sun Hat WIP. I ordered some boning and crocheted around it all around the hat. I'm still in two minds about it. The pattern asked for hat wire but I couldn't find any, and then I thought the boning might be better because I can scrunch the hat up to take it with me in my bag, etc, which I'm guessing would be a bit of an issue with wire, but it doesn't quite fit the way I envisioned it. It's not bad, but... well, I'll finish the hat band and then take a few proper pictures so you can see.

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  1. I look forward to future pictures to maybe understand what you're not liking. I love the color and from this angle your hat looks great. :)

  2. From this angle it looks brilliant, I just love the colour.

  3. I'm with the girls in that from this angle your hat looks great Iris and am interested in knowing what you don't like about it or it's fit, is this something blocking can help with?