Sunday, August 19, 2018

A Year of Projects Update Post

I didn't upload anything last week, but hey, better every other week than never, right?

As usual, I'm finding it a little tricky to stick to a timetable. Will I ever learn? I'm in my mid-40s now so the chances that I'm going to completely change into an ultra-organised person are not so good I feel... But I have got better. I used to be notoriously late for everything, always apologising, always rushing, and my organisational skills have improved over the years. It's mainly down to having to balance kids and work I think...

Enough of that, though. Let's get to the main topic of this post - my Year of Projects update. I've not been terribly productive this past couple of weeks. Obviously I'm in Germany right now (though about to head to the airport), so there is that, but also, I suppose it's part of the whole summer holiday thing - the days stretch out and by now we are all thoroughly used to not doing very much at all (not D, though, he's back at work, poor thing). We get up late, have breakfast even later, tinker around the place, play a bit, perhaps see some friends, loll around on the sofa, and the boys have alternated between quite a bit of gaming but also quite a bit of biking. As I mentioned a few days ago, D has built a mini bike track in the back garden and boy #3 in particular has been going round and round on his little mountain bike.

I did get a few rows in on my mohair cowl, so I'm up to the armhole decreases now, and it's the only project I've brought with me to Germany so it's received at least a bit of attention. The yarn knits up pretty well, and considering how much this project has been carted around it also seems to wear fairly well.

Other than that, I've been thinking about projects rather than actually working on projects. I still have all this stash yarn, you see, and I think I've finally found a few projects that might work. Look at this, the Mohair Cowl Pullover. I think it will do really well for this yarn:

And this, the Grocery and Produce String Bag - I'd love to make a few, which will deplete my cotton stash a bit.

The Sunday Chunky Jumper might be just the ticket for the remainder of this rather scratchy bulky yarn that I still have lying around.

But then I also really fancy this Curvy Crochet Cowl? And I've never crocheted a jumper, so that makes it quite tempting too! Perhaps I have enough of this yarn left for it:

And what do you think of either the Frosting Pullover or Maria for this Fleece Artist single-spun mohair yarn?

I'm also contemplating another crochet blanket - perhaps another wavy one  - because of this:

I think there are just enough left-overs for a blanket - though I'm just as likely to run out at the crucial moment so I have to emergency-buy more yarn that I then have to use up in turn...

And there you go, I think you can see my problem. There are just too many potential projects! I'm obviously sticking with the blue Mohair Cowl that I'm working on right now because I want to see it finished in time to actually wear it in the autumn, but I think  I could perhaps add one more WIP to my current list - which one is it to be?!

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  1. Great choices in patterns for stash yarn. I like Frosted Pullover just a little more than Maria, but either will look great in your stash yarn. Looking forward to seeing what the next WIP will be.

  2. Lovely planning - planning is almost the best part.

  3. Sometimes I do this too. When knitting isn't happening I am stash diving and pattern diving and matching up projects with yarn for the future. Your future projects all look fantastic.

  4. Ooo, love the single-spun mohair! The Maria gets my vote but I'm biased.

  5. Too many choices - my head is spinning. Is there something there you’re likely to want for fall?

  6. I would like the frosting pullover in the last yarn you showed...the blue mohair?
    Oh, you're not taking orders? Okay, send me the yarn and the pattern and I'll make it myself. Just teasing....I love all your plans and I really want to make some garments and I faved several of yours and was so surprised that one was crocheted...a favorite one! Good for you that you know how to many of us don't....not mentioning any names. Can't wait to see several cast ons next week! No pressure!

  7. Wow - that Maria sweater is so delicate. I wonder how long it would take to knit that up! It's gorgeous, though. I liked looking at what you've been thinking about making. :)

  8. I really enjoy the planning, browsing patterns and going through the stash, bliss!

  9. You have done a great job of planning and matching yarn to patterns. You have some very lovely yarn too.

    I have made the string produce grocery bag. Love it and it saves on all that plastic recycling.

  10. I love the single ply mohair what a delicate color and while I like the frosting pullover I wonder if the maria would work better. I too am perpetually late but it's not always a bad thing, maybe it's just seeing priority in a different way. Enjoy your summer!

  11. How happy your boy is on his new bike!