Friday, October 28, 2005

It is official.

I am on a yarn diet.

Had a quick look through my stash this morning, and I am hoarding yarn EVERYWHERE! This has got to stop! No more buying of yarn before I have used at least half of the stash.

One exception will be buying a few balls of yarn that are suitable for a little baby cardigan for my friend K, who is expecting her first baby around xmas, but apart from that, I have all the yarn I need for xmas presents and for quite few projects for myself as well.

There, I've said it. Are you witnessing this? No more yarn for Iris until after xmas.


  1. Anonymous12:23 pm

    I've said that, too. That was about 650 gr. or so ago. Not counting this morning and that gorgeous red that had to be saved from a boring yarn store shelf life. No more. ;)

  2. Yarn diet?

    You're funny!

  3. I was on a yarn diet until last night. I'd been really good for ages and hadn't bought any yarn, just stroked lots of it in John Lewis yesterday. But then had to wait 2 hours longer to get home at a boring station in the middle of nowhere, so cheered myself up by buying 10 balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay (as fondled earlier in JL) online. Oops.

  4. I'm on a yarn diet too. I've cheated twice, but I really mean it now.

  5. good for you! but if you do slip up, don't fret, just start over again...better to eat one chocolate biscuit than the whole packet (or just buy one ball of sock yarn...)that all came out wrong...but you know what I mean!

  6. Anonymous8:44 am

    You go girl! You go hard - for all of us....:)

  7. Anonymous2:12 pm doesn't count when I send you your package. Hi from you Holiday SP. Ah...the rigid Yarn Diet. I fell off that wagon with in days and haven't been able to jump back on.

    I will have to peruse your blog to see what wonderful things you have been up to and check out the photography.

    I'll write soon.

    Your Holiday SP

  8. Hello Holiday Secret Pal! :)

    Yes, I'm already worried that I might fall of the wagon with the yarn diet. Been looking at knitting magazines today and my fingers itch to buy yet more yarn. This is going to be hard... But you are right, secret pal parcels don't count! ;-)


  9. i said that too before i bought yarn for a pair of socks. and i think gift yarn shouldn't count if you don't have it in your stash. i'm just sayin...

  10. yarn diet ! *coughs & chokes* there's still plenty space under the bed Iris !!

    Good luck, you can do some *refraining* for all of us !


  11. Me too! Well, I'm trying. After Ally Pally I REALLY don't need any more yarn. Oh, except I might need to buy some to knit some manly little scarves for my two nephews for Christmas. But that doesn't count, right?

  12. I was on a yarn diet until I got to Mons in Belgium on Saturday - drat! - DOH said severely that he thought I really had enough now ...

  13. Maybe a few rules are in order:

    1) Yarn bought for presents is allowed. After all, it will be given away and otherwise you'd spend the money on something else as a present...
    2) yarn bought on holiday is allowed (after all, you might not get hold of it again if you don't buy it now - what better justification is there!)
    3) Yarn that is erm... bought because you are waiting somewhere for a long time is allowed? Does that work daisy? ;-) But then, Cathay is delicious, so maybe it doesn't need any justification.
    4) Oh, and yarn that is received as a present is obviously allowed too!

    Now, how many loop holes are there through which yarn purchases could be justified...