Monday, October 17, 2005

Knitting and Stitching Show - the haul

I'm not going to say all that much about the show at the Ally Pally, simply because other knitters on my reading list have already given accounts of the show, but I thought that there is an obligation for every knitter to at least show their new stash aquisitions. As for the show, suffice to say that I had a great time and I loved seeing all the beautiful yarns and visiting all those places like Get Knitted, HipKnits, Colinette and Texere that I frequently order from online up close.

I went down by coach, which was pretty easy and stress-free, and arrived at the Ally Pally around 11am. I spent most of the day at the show, met up with a friend at 4.30pm at Covent Garden for some tea and cake, and took a train back home at around 7.30pm. I was quite tired by the time I got back, but it was definitely worth it! Also, D had cooked some delicious food with some of the late courgettes and pattypan pumpkins he had found in our vegetable patch, so that was just the thing to pick me up again after a long day. :)

On to the shopping then!! I thought that, if I say so myself, I was quite restrained. Not that I didn't spend a fortune as it was, but I could have bought SO MUCH MORE! As it is, I came away with some lovely silk from HipKnits, which will be a present:

And when I passed the stall again later, I couldn't resist the temptation of some cashmere sock yarn after all... And that after I'd been so good the first time round:

Apart from that, I bought some needles from Get Knitted and treated myself to some lovely and soft Alpaca fiber. N, when I met up with her at Covent Garden, stuck her hand into the paper bag and noted, a touch disturbed, that it felt just like hair. ;-)

And last but not least, I got 800g of carded fibre from Texere:

This is going to become the yarn for this:

Yes, I am making my own 'Big Wool' - it will cost me about a 5th of the price the yarn would have cost me. Now, wish me luck that I'm actually able to spin this at the right weight. :)

And that's it. No more purchases! Although I was sorely tempted by a good few yarns and books, in particular the pretty hemp yarn that I found, and the pattern booklet that went with it. Unfortunately I just didn't have enough cash by the end of the show, so this will have to wait.

Managed to knit another few inches on the Greek Pullover on the train back home, so I'm up to the armhole shaping on the back of the pullover now. And I have yet another knitting project that needs to be finished before xmas. How could I forget that my friend K's baby is due around xmas?? She is going to have a little baby boy, and I finally get to knit some baby clothes! Must search for patterns later...


  1. Anonymous9:35 am

    Nice haul! It is fun to see what other bloggers bought on the day! I like Alpaca fibre, but I was also disturbed by its 'hair' like feel....

  2. I'd say you were restrained!! It was great to see so much yarn wasn't it?

  3. Oooh that does look yummy. I love Hipknits stuff. Thanks for putting your pics up!

  4. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Those fiber festivals can be quite dangerous to the pocket book. Looks like you landed some great finds, though! Can't wait to see the different fibers spun up... and my tummy is growling at the mention of courgettes and pattypan pumpkins (I love autumnal food).

  5. Great to see some stash pictures - I am living vicariously through blogs this week as I was unable to make it to Ally Pally.

  6. It all looks great.
    I can't wait to see the results of your spinning; its not something I have tried yet, so its interesting for me to see!
    Still envious.

  7. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Nice yarns you bought there!
    The Greek pullover seems to grow quickly if you're already at the armholes shaping. Good work! I am not putting pressure or anything, but I have been longing to see one of those finished...

  8. Iris.

    The swaledale & welsh mountain, kempy = itchy itchy harsh harsh. To get arround this, ply with some blue faced leicester spun up to the same tpi/thickness & it turns soft enough to cope with if you wear the cardi over a T (bare arms) There's not much breeding goes into swale & welsh so they are traditionaly carpet yarns but like all fibres, there are ways of working arround it !

    Love the hipknits yarns !

  9. Anonymous3:04 am

    Nice haul! V.envious