Saturday, October 15, 2005

Spent most of today tidying the house, mowing the lawn (hadn't been done for months! Can you imagine what hard work that was?!), researching sky and cable tv deals, paying bills, and doing laundry. Some knitting on the Greek pullover, but not enough to warrant a photograph. No work on the thesis so far, but at least I feel like for once I'm on top of the domestic work. This, I hope, will provide enough justification to enjoy my trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show at the Ally Pally tomorrow! I can't wait!!

I'm going via coach, at 9 am, and will come back in the evening. Hopefully I will also be able to meet up with a friend of mine while in London, so I will probably not take the coach back but get a train a bit later...

I'm currently writing a list of things that I might get while I'm there. If you are not going, anything that you'd like me to get and send on?!


  1. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Please don't tempt me!!! Have a great time.

  2. Well, there would just be too much and the postage would cost the earth!
    I am very envious of all you resident Brits, getting to go to this show....
    Have a fab time!

  3. Anonymous4:24 pm

    hope you had a great time.... I know I did!

  4. Green with envy !

    Have a fab time, and think of me, sitting here spinning carolyns angora, ultra lace weight on a wollen long draw (grins evily) Iris, you will love spinning this !! just card it well on fine teeth (i have 2 drums for my carder) It pretty much spins itself, just rolls outa those rollags like butter off a hot knife and getting it hair thin is soo easy.

    But im still green with envy ! I really really wanted to go and do some stocking up but hubby gota work, bleh him ehh, party pooper.