Sunday, January 25, 2015


Another weekend draws to a close. Boy #3 had his first ever swimming lesson on Saturday. The boys were ridiculously excited and wound him up no end. Of course, after all that excitement, the reality didn't quite deliver. He went into the pool just fine, but lost his nerve half-way through and started crying for Mummy... I went to sit by the pool, which I am not sure, retrospectively, was such a bright idea because it really didn't help him pull himself together, but in the end he did manage to stay with the lesson until it was almost finished. 

He got cuddles and praise afterwards, which immediately cheered him up, as did the fact that the was wrapped in a warm towel - he hasn't quite understood the link between staying active and staying warm in the water yet, but his brothers made sure to explain to him that he needs to 'keep bouncing and kicking to keep warm'. :)   We'll see how the next lesson goes - that evening boy #3 was sure to point out to me that he is 'still little' (as opposed to being a 'big boy', which is how he usually perceives himself!) and that he has now learnt to swim anyway, thereby eradicating the need for a repeat visit to the pool.  I've promised him some cool new goggles for the next lesson... 

Upon arriving back home I felt the rare need to bake, so I made some shortbread, which was received with some enthusiasm by the family. D played his banjo, and that's how we spent the rest of our Saturday - playing, knitting, eating shortbread, and listening to D play. Good times. :) 

Sunday we had one of our 'grandma days' - after a leisurely breakfast and some much-needed haircuts for the boys (I wonder when they'll start objecting to me cutting their hair...) they went to grandma for a fun-filled day while D and I got some time to ourselves to recharge. D went into the shed to build another banjo and I divided my time between some weeding and onion-planting at the allotment  (so peaceful and calm this time of year - I really enjoy being out and spending time there getting the plot ready) and painting. My 'red canvas' is morphing into something quite different to what I'd initially intended it to be, but isn't part of what makes painting fun to go with the flow and let yourself be surprised by the results? 

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend too! 


  1. That shortbread looks delicious. We have finally made plans for the garden, it will be nice to be out and about again. You have made a great start with the onions. Have a great week.

  2. Your shortbread made my tummy rumble. I haven't made shortbread yet. Another confection to add to my list. I like how your hubbie had a banjo jam session while you all hung out. How light hearted your Saturday was.

  3. I laughed so much at the tale of the swimming lesson and how he told you he is still little and now that he knows how to swim there is no need for any more lessons! LOL! Hysterical and so reminded me of my children growing up. Too cute.
    Shortbread...hmmm......I need to make something sweet today....that sounds perfect! Yummo!
    I love your painting! You are so talented. I love the vibrant! It's gorgeous!