Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday update

I'm on a roll, people, I'm on a roll!

I finally finished my Lombard Street Socks a few days ago. It took some effort to think myself back into that pattern, and as a consequence I think one of my heel flaps is a little too long and also has one error in it - the pattern alternates rows of s1k1 and k1s1 to create the effect of not ribbing but a kind of checkered, textured fabric. Just as I was picking the project up again I must have got it wrong once, because there is definitely a row of ribbing in there. I don't really care, though, because the socks are comfy and I love the muted grey, which makes them so very wearable, even to work. 

The pattern was lovely - easy to memorise lace pattern and clear instructions.

Pattern alterations
I knit my socks on a circular needle and altered the pattern to that effect. This means that I got a bit confused when the instructions asked for needle 2 or 4 and picked up the lace pattern at a different place after turning the heel. I realise that this was to make sure that the lace pattern sits at a particular place on the foot, but I decided to follow my own instinct and just continued the lace pattern on as was, using the starting point at the cuff as the beginning of my row. I also did the toe without really consulting the pattern. 

I'm so thrilled to have finally finished these and with these and, all the socks from Godi, I have some very very happy feet this winter!

Up and on to WIPs...

I've started another jumper. It's on my list for the year, and it's from stash, so it's all good. It's Owls, which is such a pretty pattern. I'm using some of my no-name wool/cashmere blend. It's an odd sort of yarn - I bought it as Aran weight but it's closer to bulky, which makes it ideal for this project, and it's spun as a slightly uneven single. It's supposedly a cashmere blend but so far it's not at all soft. It's definitely wool, because you can feel (and smell) the lanolin in it - there is a lot of that still in there, so I imagine that after washing this yarn will fluff up quite a bit. I'm kind of curious how it's going to turn out to be honest, because this yarn is such a mystery. I do like the colour though, and I think it's going to be perfect for Owls. 

I'm also finally working up the courage to pick up the Easy V-Neck again. I've moaned about this yarn before - it's that sub-standard mottled brown GGH Savanna yarn that I picked up ages ago and never managed to find a project for. I'm not having high hopes for this jumper because I just can't imagine that the yarn is going to suddenly turn into anything stunning once it's knitted up, but I'm envisioning a warm and cuddly winter walk / allotment / cold day at the office kind of jumper, which, after all, is nothing to sneer at either! :)


  1. Those socks are wonderful, a beautiful colour and pattern, a real delight.

  2. The socks are gorgeous, I think the mistakes are ones only you can see!!

  3. I have been looking for a nice lacey sock patern for my next pair. Yours are lovely. So glad I stopped by.

  4. Your socks are so dainty, I love them! I haven't moved into knitting adult garments just yet, but I think I found a pattern to attempt.

  5. I like the socks. The texture is great and makes it so interesting to look at.

  6. Love the socks. They look so warm and just what you need for these cold winter days.

    Hope you have fun with your Owls. Hopefully that will cheer you up when the brown one is getting you down :) You're going to have a lovely warm winter!

  7. Oh my goodness, these pictures make me want to go cast on a pair of socks RIGHT NOW even though I have so many projects in the works already. I love the look of that particular pattern with that particular yarn. They look so unbelievably cozy!

  8. Anonymous1:55 am

    Great socks! I have always loved that Owl pattern, maybe one day I'll finally knit it for one of my girls! Can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  9. Anonymous7:56 am

    Sorry I'm so late getting round to you. Those socks are fantastic I love the texture in them and that owl pattern is so lovely, looking forward to seeing more on it in the coming weeks.

  10. Those socks look wonderful! Job well done! Enjoy the journey of knitting the jumpers!

  11. Those socks look wonderful! Job well done! Enjoy the journey of knitting the jumpers!