Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Hint of Spring...

Spring is finally happening! 

We spent some time at the allotment today, mainly to dig in some compost to get the beds ready, but I also did some planting - broad beans, some peas and some parsnip went in the ground. I can't believe it's that time already! 

Right now the allotment is still looking barren, but it won't be long until those beds are filled with vegetables once more. 

When we got home I did some serious planning...

The boys were helping me dig in the compost plant seeds, but they weren't too fussed about the planning and the sorting of seed packets. Boy #1 got his PJs on, wrapped up in a blanket and read his book. :)  

I, however, was completely absorbed in allotment planning for a good couple of hours this afternoon. Seed packets were sorted according to the time the seeds need to go in the ground, potatoes were set out for chitting, lists were drawn up...

Which reminds me, did I show you that second seed packet delivery I got? I'm pretty sure I forgot, but when I opened the box again today it reminded me and since it was such a nice surprise I think it deserves to be shown. I ordered quite a few packets of vegetable and flower seeds, but this is what arrived: 

These were the seed packets that I ordered. See those little labels? They peel off so you can stick them on the little wooden markers you can just see at the top:


And this is what I got as a freebie with the delivery:

Isn't that lovely?

Spring can arrive now - I'm ready! :)


  1. I spent the afternoon out in our garden, preparing the beds. It was cold but productive.

  2. That Granny square blanket is wonderful. I'd love to wrap up in that. You are hardcore with this allotment business. I know were talked about this before, but to refresh my memory... Do you rent this allotment from the government because you don't have enough space in your backyard?

  3. Those labels are a brilliant idea. I love the way our garden is changing every day at the moment - I'm trying to take a few minutes and go outside and have a proper look each day, although it's a bit difficult fitting it in on the days I'm at work.