Monday, March 23, 2015

Crocheting again...

I've joined yet another CAL.

Yes, yes, you've heard that correctly. I've just about managed to raise my head back above water and I've gone and joined another CAL. 

You can never have too many projects on the go, you know? 

OK, just kidding, but really, this one was too tempting.

It's another crochet blanket CAL, but it won't be nearly as stressful as the Scheepjes CAL because there won't be weekly pattern pieces. Instead you work on this one in your own good time, and once a week you post an update on Instagram or the Ravelry page for the CAL to show your progress. As I've been looking for another project that will allow me to use my odds and ends of yarn this one seems perfect.

There is no particular pattern that needs to be used, but as I quite like the look of it I've decided to go with the pattern that is suggested - the Weekender blanket. I really like the small hexagons, which make this a kind of crochet/quilting cross-over. 

(look, little hexies!)

I suspect that I'll be doing this for some time to come, because I'm not dedicating a lot of time to it. Also, I'm joining it as I go along, meaning that it very soon will become too bulky to be carried around. That's OK, though, I'm in no hurry. This family isn't exactly short of crochet blankets. 


  1. What a delight, I love the crochet hexagons, beautiful.

  2. These are cute hexagons. A CAL is hard to resist.