Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WIP Wednesday - general crafting update

Life got busy again and I've not been able to update. It's funny how that works, because I still manage to knit, but somehow when it gets that busy I just don't feel like dragging the camera out to photograph anything that I'm working on. Knitting, and crochet, and weaving... well, that happens in the little spaces in-between the busy periods, but somehow photography and blog writing requires more brain space and more dedicated time, and hence get pushed to the side.

In any case, I am back (for now) and since I'm now in the much-needed and awaited teaching-free period around Easter updating should become much more regular again.

I haven't really done a proper update for ages, so I've spent some time in the past few days trying to find the right light to photograph what I've been up to.

First of all, there is the peg-loom rug:

After the initial mad dash I slowed down quite a bit, but the project is now truly approaching completion. I anticipate another two or three lots to thread on, and then I'll call it finished. Tidying up, of course, may take a while longer, because there are loose ends to weave in, little bits of fabric and thread sticking up, etc., and I've also not quite decided if I want tassels or if a clean edge might be preferable, in which case I need to thread the warp through to hide it.

Doesn't it look fabulous, though? It's HUGE!

Next on the list - the Weekender blanket.

This is progressing quite nicely. I only work on it when I'm sitting down in the living room because adding pieces as you go along makes this a pretty non-portable project, not only because of the bulkiness of the blanket as it grows, but also because of all those balls of yarn.

Talking about balls of yarn... we have a problem:

There have been complaints (from D), and the boys have been playing football with the yarn, which led to more complaints (from me).

I also have a confession to make... That's not all stash yarn...  I've been buying yarn. Yes, I hang my head in shame, but it was unavoidable (or so I tell myself...).

I initially wanted to make the  blanket completely from stash, but quickly realised that unlike with the granny square blanket, where I was able to mix yarns from sock-weight to aran quite freely, with hexies you can't really do that. This means that I don't have enough yarn with the same or similar weight to complete an entire blanket. I am still using bits of stash, and I intend to use up as much of the mountain of cheap acrylic that I've acquired as I can, but I tell myself that since it will be a big family blanket and the acrylic was very very cheap it wasn't too bad a purchase, even if I broke my own rules about stash enhancement...  

It's funny about the acrylic, though. I really used to loath the stuff, and even now I don't think I'd want to knit any garment from it, but for blankets it's great, because it wears and washes well and it's not scratchy or tickly. Plus, it's so cheap. I bought most of those huge 200g balls for £1,20 each! 

Anyway, enough self-justification, moving on to the next project - the Acer cardi. 

This is very slow-going. I really think I'm going to love the finished cardi, and I love how the yarn knits up, but I don't love knitting with it. It's splitty and it's black, making it almost impossible to knit in the evening or when I can't give it my full attention. In our household that means almost never! Then my old (and cheap) cable needle broke and I had to go out to get a new one. 

I splashed out a  bit on that one, but they didn't have the cable length I wanted in any of the cheaper versions so I ended up with an interchangeable cable needle. Oh well, at least I can add to it whenever I need another cable needle and it does look quite pretty!

Last but not least, I've started a little Amigurumi pattern. Do any of you know the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbour Totoro? It's a Japanese anime film and the boys love it (and so do I), and this little fellow is Totoro, who is a kind of forest spirit. I think boy#2 and boy #3 in particular will like this one. :) 

I am truly crocheting this one from stash - the blue/grey is a bunch of Rowan All-Seasons Cotton that i still had lying around from a project years ago, and I have some off-white recycled yarn that I am using as the accent colour. 

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  1. I am so impressed with the rug, I love it. I am really looking forward to seeing the end result.

  2. Thanks for linking have lots of things going on...Yes, I've seen Totoroto amiguramis, but I've not seen the movie....the blanket is looking great...and I use acrylic for blankets too...when I make them...I'm not a lover of long projects....

  3. So many wonderful projects, love the rug!

  4. You have lots of lovely projects on the go! Your rug looks fab!

  5. I LOVE your rug. It's wonderful.

  6. I agree about the acrylic...I just knit my son's blanket with acrylic--so I could wash it easily and b/c of the price. :)
    That rug looks so neat! And I love the colors of the blanket.

  7. What a great bunch of projects! The rug looks so cool, as does the blanket. I've got a set of interchangeables like the one you bought. It's really nice to have several different cable lengths.

  8. Your weaving is lovely. Love the little spirit and sometimes only acrylic will do, for the reasons you describe!!

  9. This is a big ol' rug, but how great it will last with wear and tear and washings. I want to see more of your Totoro. And I hear you on not wanting to drag things out for a post. Iy lazy sometimes on just having to wind yarn.

  10. gosh, with all that going on, i'm not sure how you had time to even blog! Huge projects...that rug! The blanket!! (and acer is no slouch of a project, either!!!)....At least you have choices....which should keep you busy AND happy! Enjoy.

  11. How many projects do you get done when you do have plenty of time?! ;-)

  12. Oh that loom rug is so pretty! Big job, but so worth it. They last 'forever'! Black yarn is such a pain to knit with, I agree, and yet I find myself drawn to it makes all other colours look so bright! LOL Found a bigger basket for the yarn yet? I do so like the look of a pile like that even if it is somewhat impractical ;-)

  13. I saw your finished rug and searched back to find the peg loom. It's fantastic! Your rug is positively gorgeous. I hope you don't mind I pinned it to Pinterest.

  14. Can you tell me the size of your pegs and how far apart they are from each other?