Monday, March 30, 2015

Allotmenting - End of March

It's time for another allotment update. It's the end of March, and the season is slowly creaking into gear. I few days ago I spent a bit of time on the plot - not long, because it's still cold and it was a windy and rainy kind of day - and spread a bit more compost (all from our chickens and home composting this year!!) and planted a few more seeds.

 I also had a look for any signs of life. 

At first glance it still looks very gloomy and wintery, but if you look closer you can find all the tell-tale signs that nature is waking up...


  1. These sprouts are a testament of Mother Nature's generosity and wonder.

  2. Its looking good, I love this time of year and the first sees start to show through, Mother Nature at her best.

  3. I love the sense of satisfaction that comes from using home-made compost!