Friday, June 26, 2015

FO - Eyelet Yoke

What a week this was! At one point I thought I couldn't possibly get it all done, and then I discovered errors on the computer system at the very last minute, and then... Well, enough said about that, it's all done now. Today I spent a bit of time attending to things that I haven't been able to do recently, such as going to the bank for example. Nothing exciting, but it felt good to re-connect. I also dropped off and picked up boy #3 from preschool and he was delighted and so excited that I was picking him up. That felt good too.

I have also finished the Eyelet Yoke. I didn't do that today, though, although I did sew the ends in just now, while 5 (!) boys are playing Super Mario on the Wii all around me (the noise level is pretty awesome...). We have been watching a new drama on TV, Humans, and it's gripping enough that it let me completely forget how boring I find sleeve knitting.

The sleeves are still sort of short - but I like it that way. It fits really well and the yarn is oh so soft. 

I also quite like how the neckline has turned out. 

Although if I wanted to quibble I'd say that I would have been better off with a less stretchy cast-on (I used the stetchy German cast-on). With less stretch the neck wouldn't be quite so wide, which doesn't matter at the front, but gives me quite a generous dip at the back too... It doesn't gape, though, so it's OK. 

Pattern alterations:

Well, I re-sized the pattern so it would fit me. 
I also changed the hem. The original has quite an interesting short-row hem that makes the sweater longer at the back than at the front, and I was quite tempted by it, but while I thought it'd be great for jeans, I knew that I'd be wearing this sweater a lot with skirts and I don't think that kind of hem would look that great with those. 

Overall I'd give this top marks - the pattern, that is, not my knitting! ;)  

Rav page is here, but it doesn't really say anything I haven't discussed in my updates on the blog. 

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  1. Great modifications. The neckline is terrific.

  2. That is a really pretty top and it looks great.

  3. It is a beautiful knit, I love the neckline and the colour of the yarn.

    1. Thanks, so do I, it's a good spring / summer colour.

  4. I really like the Eyelet Yoke and the shorter sleeve suits it, I find that length just perfect for knitwear and saves me pushing up the sleeves out of my way.

  5. What a lovely sweater! I love shorter sleeves... Less likely to smear them through things when working in schools!

  6. Looks gorgeous! Love the colour and the neckline!

  7. Lovely sweater, the colour is beautiful!!