Wednesday, June 03, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Is it really Wednesday again?


This week really has raced by. It seems like yesterday that I posted my last Wednesday WIP update.

Progress this week exists, but is a bit unspectacular.

I’ve been watching Orange is the New Black (so good!!) and while I was doing that I was mainly working on the Eyelet Yoke, which is at that mindless stage of sleeves knitting. Oh, how I hate sleeves. I should really only knit short-sleeved garments, because I get so bored with sleeves and when I get bored I start procrastinating and progress stalls…

I’ve at least managed to get past the elbow, so I guess I’m on the home-straight with this sleeve at least.

Not exciting, but for the sake of documentation, here it is:

I’ve also taken delivery of a huge (and I mean HUGE – I kind of underestimated how much toy stuffing 1kg was!!) bag of polyester toy stuffing, so I was able to finish Roly’s body. I quite like this project – it’s fussy, but with all the short rows and the counting, and the Kitchener stitch and the 3 needle bind-offs it’s never dull, and it’s the perfect project to become more at ease with the fiddlier aspects of knitting technique.

Picture of the kitchener stitch seam on the belly: 

I’m also finished knitting the horns and am now on to knitting 14 (!) little insect legs. Once that’s done and all those tiny legs are sewn onto the body I’ll only have to embroider some eyes on and it’s done!!

I’m also slowly continuing to knit on Black Acer. Even though this continues to be slow, considering that for a few months the project stalled almost entirely this is actually really good progress. As I’m settling into the pattern more it is becoming less confounding as well, which is great, because I’m now not continuously glued to the pattern print-out and can actually enjoy the knit.

Here, have a black blob, so you can admire my work this week (isn’t black impossible to photograph?!):

Last but not least, I've been a bad girl and have bought yarn. This was prompted by boy #2's wish for a hat and scarf for next winter, but really, we all know that this is a feeble excuse  - I could easily have found something to use in my stash...

Look at it though, isn't this gorgeous?

This is Manos del Uruguay, Silk Blend, which is a 70% wool, 30% silk yarn, approximately dk / aran weight. I bought it through Ravelry. 

The other day it occurred to me that this Year of Projects is drawing to a close. I can’t believe it’s been one year already.

With that in mind I went back to my original project list to see what I’d achieved. At times I’ve ventured quite far from that original list, so not everything is relevant anymore and I’ve knitted and crocheted things that I didn’t even know existed when I first drew up that list, but again, for the sake of recapping the year, here is the original list:

Ink Flare - DONE
Ink Flare 2 - DONE
Socks for boys - DONE, DONE and DONE
Socks for me - DONE
Granny Square Blanket - DONE

 I think I've done pretty well with that original list - and of course I've achieved so much more!! 

Projects that I've completed (or at least started) that were not part of the original plan were:

I think all in all it’s been a productive year, and despite the fact that I’ve been super busy with work. I guess it’s nearly time to start thinking about next years’ Year of Projects – I’ll better get planning!!

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  2. I love Orange is the New Black. I cannot wait till the new season starts. I also hate knitting sleeves too. They are really dull going. I love all your projects, they look amazing.

  3. The pill bug is amazing!! Love both of your sweaters.

  4. Beautiful projects and some very impressive new yarn.

  5. So many beautiful projects! Knitting 14 bug legs sounds like loads of fun :)

  6. Yes, the yarn is gorgeous and so worth it! Roly looks interesting, can't wait to see it finished...

  7. Damn, you go on checking off on that list! The yoke looks terrific. I'm all about 3/4" sleeves as I'm always rolling up mine. That green yarn for your son is great.

  8. And yes, black is always hard to photograph. You did a good job here.

  9. So intrigued by the bug I have had to follow the link to the pattern.

  10. OMG, your stuff is beautiful! Can't wait to see roly done!