Friday, June 12, 2015

Matilda Update

You may remember our little caravan project? Our Matilda?

Well, since painting the outside, more has happened.

After much contemplation we decided that we could either discuss and plan our Matilda revamp for another 5 years...


... we could just go ahead and start painting! 

We are taking an entirely slap-dash approach to this. If you are a DIY perfectionist this may turn your stomach, but hey, if you have a job that needs doing and that has been nagging you for some time, just do it badly and you might actually be able to get it off your to-do list and start enjoying the results, right?

That's what we are telling ourselves anyway...

We've done no sanding, in fact, no kind of preparation at all, other than taking the door handles off and roughly filling and sanding the hoes (I don't want to re-use the handles and want to replace them with smaller door knobs).

D went digging in the shed and came up with three different tubs of white paint, which we mixed together and tadah! we were ready to start!

Initially we were only painting visible surfaces, but I've changed my mind and will paint the insides of the shelves and the seating area too now, despite the fact that it will have cushions on. The kids are bound to take the cushions off at some point and it would look so bad if we leave this kind of mess under there... 

We've applied one coat so far, but I anticipate that it will need three coats to cover completely. After we are done we'll probably put some blue vinyl floor down or alternatively paint the floor with blue floor paint, and then it's on to the soft furnishings - yay! :)  


  1. Well done you, you certainly have made a great start. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. What a fun DIY project for you and your husband.

  3. That is going to be amazing when you are finished!