Friday, July 15, 2005


Life is a bit crazy recently, so I haven't had time to post or knit much.

However, I can offer pictures of the finished French Market Bag. It felted beautifully, and because the yarn was double-stranded it even keeps its shape relatively well. The only draw-back is that it's heavy, but I knew it would be so it's OK...

And so the size of the bag is a bit more obvious, this is me, holding it:

I'm off for the next few days - FIL's 60th birthday tomorrow - so I hope you all have a great weekend! :)


  1. Beautiful bag--but most of all, I'm in love with your outfit. I covet that skirt...

    Someday I will be brave enough to try felting. I've heard some horror stories, though, and they scare me.

  2. That is a gorgeous bag and it's huge! Much bigger than mine. I like!

  3. There are at least thjree of us doing that bag at the mo. I'm just finishing the handles. Looks fab but I'm afraid the skirt grabs the limelight - it's fab.

  4. Lovely bag! Which yarn did you use?

    Tatjana from Stitch and Kvetch

  5. Just finished my bag but it has felted really tiny! Is handbag sized now...

  6. great bag!! I'll have to make one some time