Thursday, July 21, 2005

Nothing to report

There are no news, but that can be a good thing, sometimes!

I'm drowning in work and wedding preparations, so there has not been much time for knitting. Finished another few repeats on the Clapotis, though, so I'm 9 repeats (10 dropped stitches) into the straight section of the pattern now. Not long to go before I can start decreasing...

Quite a few people have signed up for the Greek Pullover KAL now - no posts from anyone but me yet, but that's to be expected with a KAL that has no deadline. We all have other projects to finish before we can start this one. I would like to start, actually, despite the fact that I probably won't have much time for knitting in August, but I'm still waiting for Interweave Knits to arrive. Should be any day now! :)

And now, back to work.

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