Friday, July 29, 2005

Fresh off the needles!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present...

**drum roll**

A finished Clapotis!!

It's loooong, so I couldn't fit it all in the picture...

Close-up - as you can probably tell, it's not blocked yet:

Nor are the ends woven in, as you can see from the pictures of me wearing it:

Used: aprox. 350g Hip Knits Silk in the colourway 'giggle'.
Time from start to finish... Um, I think it was aprox. 1 month, but at times it felt much longer. ;-)

It's been worth it, though, I love how the Clapotis looks (and feels - it's soooo soft!), and knitting with the silk yarn was a pleasure. I managed to rip the yarn a few times, but other than that it's lovely on the needles and the yarn really goes a long way. One tiny warning if you are thinking of using it - the yarn sheds a little. Not usually a problem (it didn't really shed during knitting), but if you are planning on wearing it, say, on top of a black cotton shirt of mediocre quality, which attracts every kind of fluff like it is going out of fashion (like me in the photograph for example...), then you might notice! Ahem.

Overall, I would definitely use Hip Knits silk again - in fact, I am already contemplating what I could make with the yarn next! Apparently Trudie from Hip Knits is leaving, but she says that Kerrie from MagKnits is taking over, so hopefully all the gorgeous yarns will still be available in future...


  1. Your clapotis looks fantastic, i just love your choice of colours! I must get round to knitting one for myself one day!

  2. Iris your Clapotis is beautiful!

    I'm planning to cast on mine this weekend with Hip Knits Swamp. I can only hope it turns out as well as yours!

  3. Gorgeous! Wear with pride.

  4. clapotis is absolutely gorgeous...and the colours are divine! well done!

  5. It looks wonderful - such great colours. I'm definitely tempted to try out the HipKnits silk now.

  6. How do you get thighs like those? Sigh, I remember when I looked that good! Claotis is fab.

  7. Oooo Lovely!

    A word from the wise - don't block it, you will loose the curl