Monday, July 11, 2005

Just another Monday...

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend?

Evidently there was no blogging this weekend, but that doesn't mean that there was no knitting! In fact, to once again prove my insanity, I started the French Market Bag.

The very beginnings of the base - just taken off the DPNs.

Kipper, hugging my knitting:

The base of the bag, completed. It measured aprox. 54" rather than the 48" of the pattern and I counted 120 rather than 200 stitches. This meant that I had to recalculate for the handles. Instead of groups of 25 stitches I had groups of 15...

That was yesterday morning, with a hangover from the BBQ we'd been to the night before. Today I'm knitting the handles and then the whole project is ready for felting:

How did I manage to finish it this quickly? Well, this is a stash project (yay! for stash usage), which means that I wasn't using the recommended yarn or even recommended yarn weight. Instead, I used some ancient Hermit 100% new wool (or rather, old wool...) in a dark blue, that I'd bought off ebay a while ago. It's chunky, but when I did a swatch I still thought that for a bag it could do with some strengthening, so in the end I used it double-stranded. I used up something like 14 balls (50g each)... this bag is heavy, yo!

As you can probably imagine, on BIG circs and with two chunky yarn strings held together, this bag was knit up in no time. I think if it felts right I might line it and use it as a stash basket rather than something that I'd carry around a lot...

Progress on other knitting projects - well, I've dropped my 6th stitch on the Clapotis, so it's going well... and last night I managed a few rows on the 2nd sock. This is going to take me a while, I can tell. 2nd socks aren't half as exciting as first ones...

Also, this morning, my Rowan Kid Classic (colour 'nightly') for the Greek Pullover arrived. Hmmm, so soft! Now, where can I hide this yarn so that the ADH doesn't immediately find it? ;-)


  1. That bag is yum! I did a swatch and felted it for mine this morning. Looking forward to seeing yours felted up.

  2. I love my French Market and am sure you will love yours! Can't wait to see pics of it post felting!

  3. That bag looks great--felting is so much fun! Can't wait to see the final pics. :)

  4. Iris:
    Doing the FMB as well but my base had "nippleage", yours came out flatter and more professional looking. I also used two strands together and had to re-calculate the stitches.

    Love the finished product. Did you lengthen the straps at all?