Friday, July 18, 2014

FO - Ink Flare

Guess what happened! I finished my Ink Flare sweater!

After pinning it together loosely to see how it fit I decided that the sleeves work rather well and I pushed on towards the finish line. That same evening I sewed up all the seams (and the strange edging does help - it makes the task a good deal quicker) and just before bedtime I added the crochet edge. I had initially planned to do this in the same yarn, but after trying the sweater on I thought that since it's quite 'roomy' anyway, meaning that there is a rather vast expanse of purple, it might be a good idea to break it up a bit. 

I've had this teal coloured alpaca lying around forever. It came to me as part of a swap, and although I immediately loved it I never quite found the right project for it. It's deliciously soft and super strong (there is no way you can break it by pulling it, as I found out that evening!). 

Look at that pretty edge! :) I think it makes for a really nice accent colour to the berry/purple tweed. 

This morning I washed the jumper, blocked it lightly (mainly to get rid of the rolling edges) and dried it in the glorious sunshine outside and then I did a little photoshoot. I nearly expired in the heat because, I'm telling you, this sweater is warm!!

It really is quite large. I think you can see just how large on the two pictures below - there'd be room for anther half-person in there at the least! 

It is ever so cozy and comfy though, so  I don't really mind. I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this. While it wasn't quite so comfortable to wear it on a hot day like today, it will be perfect for those winter days when we are out with the family, or even when I'm sitting in my office. 

I'm really happy with the result, especially considering the bodge-job it really was. Since I didn't hit the correct gauge and then nearly ran out of yarn there are a few alterations to the pattern but I'd definitely knit this one again - hopefully that time with the right gauge!!


I cast on 8 stitches less than the smallest size for the body and followed the pattern up to the point when I got the right length, at which point I jumped straight onto the raglan decrease for which, again  I followed the pattern.

For the sleeves I cast on 2 stitches less than required for the smallest size and again followed the pattern. Due to my yarn shortage I didn't do all the increases but stopped at a random (pattern-wise) point and started the raglan decreases instead. I followed those up to the end, at which point I had 11 stitches left on the needles. 

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  1. I LOVE (LOVE!!!!) this.....I'm rather fond of the oversized cuddly cozy kind of sweater anyway, but the contrasting edge is over the top cute!!!! a definite keeper.

  2. Anonymous6:40 am

    It is so pretty well done on finishing it.