Sunday, July 06, 2014

Simple Things Sunday

These rubber band bracelets seemed to appear out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago. One day there were none and the next day everyone was making them. It seemed like it literally happened over night  - we woke up one morning and the whole world had gone bracelet-making mad in the space of 12 hours.

Never ones to be left out the boys have been making bracelets by the dozen. Boy #1 has actually started undoing some of his older ones so he can make them all over again. I'm finding it all very odd, but that said, the simplicity of making them and the fact that it's basically finger knitting also kind of appeals to me. Plus, we've had some lovely moments this past week, sitting in the sunshine at the end of a busy day of working and playing, the husband playing the banjo, me knitting, and the boys huddled together, for once not bickering but united, helping, sharing, making together.

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