Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Monday Holiday preparations...

Apologies for the relative silence these past few days - I'm in the midst of holiday preparations. We are off to Germany to see my folks, and with three lively boys to pack for, and a house to put in order, and babysitters for cats and chickens to arrange, it's been a rather all-consuming task.

I started putting it all together this morning, and as usual it looks like we are moving house. By the time I've packed clothes for 5 I have filled two suitcases (and that's only the basiscs - we can wash things at my dad's house so I don't tend to bring too much), and then there are books, and toys, and bicycles, and all sorts of other things that little boys find essential for a two-week trip.

There is also my knitting to consider of course. What do I bring on such an adventure? Not the granny squares, that's for sure. With all the odds and ends of yarn that is quite a bulky project.

Perhaps some sock knitting? I'm currently on sock #2 for boy #2, so that's definitely coming.

But how about some knitting for myself? I really REALLY want to bring the Garter Yoke Cardi along with me - but will that be too ambitious? We've had holidays before when I brought three projects along only to find that I didn't have time to knit even a single row.

Decisions, decisions...

I'll leave you with a Happy Monday picture, and will check back in once we are in Germany.

This was the sunset a few evenings ago, seen out of my office window:

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