Thursday, June 23, 2005

Finished Ballet T-Shirt


You know I received the All Seasons Cotton for my Teva Durham Ballet T-Shirt yesterday but couldn't post any pictures of the yarn because I didn't have time to upload them? Well, here is the yarn after all:

Well, yesterday afternoon I decided that I needed a break and cast on for the ballet t-shirt. I got gauge instantly, which was a relief because I hate this part and have been known to be rather lazy about it.

Round and round I knit and before I knew it I had a half-finished t-shirt. So quick!

At that point I decided that I should better take a picture to make sure I had proof that this hadn't been started ages ago:

That was last night.

This morning I finished the last few rows. I even added the optional 6 rows because I thought it was too short. Then I weaved in the ends and put it on. It fits like a glove!

Pictures to proove it:

Front / side view.

The back of the t-shirt.

Close-up of back.

I still can't believe that:
1) I got gauge instantly.
2) I started and finished a project in aprox. 4 hours.
3) I have managed to knit something that just fits!

The whole t-shirt was knitted on size 10 circulars, with just under 4 balls of Rowan All Seasons Cotton in 'Dusky' (which, sadly, I believe is discontinued), double-stranded.

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  1. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Your tee looks great. I plan to get Teva Durhams book in the very near future. BTW- where in the Midlands are you from? I lived in Nottingham before moving out to Australia last year.