Wednesday, June 22, 2005


My new favourite pasttime, otherwise known as The Sock, is progressing nicely. No picture this morning because I have no time to upload them - otherwise there would be a weird picture of the toe of the sock on my foot, which, I assure you, was very uncomfortable and awkward as I was straining to balance on the edge of my chair, holding my leg up, and trying to take a picture at the same time. But really, although there is progress, there isn't that much to see. I'm knitting the long tube for my foot, so it's just knitting round and round and round. Watching the stripes appear is still fun, though. :)

I also have a new dream project. It's the Spring Fling Tank from the Blue Blog. Why do I always do this? I have enough projects on the go as it is (Clapotis, Cozy, The Sock) and yesterday afternoon my All Seasons Cotton arrived for the Ballet Top, so I will be able to start on that (pictures of the yarn later or tomorrow). Also, the yarn recommended for the Spring Fling is GGH Esprit, which is only available from the US (I found it on The Knitting Zone).

I shall NOT buy more yarn, I shall NOT BUY MORE YARN!

I'm hopeless...

And to make matters worse, after seeing a lovely sweater yesterday in The Naive Knitting Blog I now want to make a sweater.

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