Monday, June 27, 2005

No news is good news?

Well, when it comes to knitting it's also quite boring news. ;)

I've been panicking about presentations all day so no knitting was achieved, which was a real shame, because I've felt like picking up my needles all day.

At least yesterday evening the boyfriend and I finally made it to the ballroom dance course that we've been meaning to attend in preparation for our wedding. It was great fun and we are definitely going back!

However, the lack of any knitting means that I have nothing to report. Other than...

Yesterday, while I was looking at ebay, I couldn't resist and I ordered some very cheap 100% wool yarn in grey and in black and some cotton yarn in a bright pink - all from ebay. All that yarn will probably arrive while I'm away, which means that the boyfriend gets to see that I have no self-control whatsoever...

And also, my knitting machine, birthday present by the almost-hubbie, arrived a few days ago, but I haven't had time to upload any pictures OR try it out. I still haven't tried knitting with it, but there are pictures now, so this is it.

I think it looks a bit scary...

Maybe next week I will have some time to make friends with it but at the moment I have no idea whatsoever how to use it!

Nevermind, I'm excited about it anyway. :)

Any other news?

Not really, other than that I'm going to be away for the rest of the week so there will be no more update until next Monday (I'm back late on Sunday). Should get some knitting done on all those train journeys though!!

Take care all of you, have fun knitting, and I'll post some pictures of the knitting I got done during the week when I get back.

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  1. Hey, I saw your comment about the Union Square Market pullover over at "Knit Stitches" and thought I'd tell you that I've started a knit-along for it, if you're interested!