Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hourglass sweater

Well, I've ordered the yarn for the Hourglass.

After much considering and calculating and obsessing over different kinds of yarn and their attributes I finally settled on texere's Kelso Wool Tweed in 'berry'. Not the softest of yarns (although they describe it as soft), but I hope that washing will do wonders. ;) In the end it was a decision based on price and this yarn is cheap (£2.90 for 100g - 185 yds) and I like the colour. I need to save some money, in particular as I have indeed decided to start the Clapotis in a different yarn and am getting more and more convinced that what I want is Lorna's Laces. I might not be able to eat in a month...

Anyway, other than that, not much to report.

Knitted another few rows on The Sock, so the foot is half done now. There should be more pictures soon.

Off to do some work now - yes, I will spend this entire weekend working. At least the weather is not good anymore, so I don't feel too bad being stuck inside.

Wish you all a nice weekend anyway! :)

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