Sunday, June 26, 2005

Nothing much to report...

I managed to knit another few rows of The Sock last night while we were watching my newest DVD purchase - Firefly! I'd seen the series before and I LOVE it, but D needed a bit of converting. I think he is getting into it, though, as it was his idea to watch an episode yesterday evening!

Anyway, The Sock. I have finished the foot, more or less, and am now on the short-row shaping of the heel. I'm so curious how it's going to look! There will be pictures later. :)

The rain we had in the last two days has done wonders for my garden. It was all getting a bit dry and although I tried watering all the young vegetable plants I know that everything has suffered a bit. I'm amazed to find myself saying this, as I ALWAYS complain about how much it rains here, but two days of rain was just what the garden needed. Also, it means that my water butts will be full again.

Oh, and something else yarn-related. I have all but ordered some silk yarn from Hip Knits for my Clapotis. It's on their website and it's a very (!) colourful yarn called 'Giggle', which I think describes the colour combination rather well. Of course now I'm fretting that it might be too colourful for me. You see, I'm not really a colour kind of person. I love my black, and browns, and greys and I can maybe do with some darker shades of red. It's only relatively recently that I've started to like colour and have realised that it's quite fun to wear light or vibrant shades. Although I now love pink for example, I have always stayed clear of yellow, though... Now, there seems to me quite a bit of yellow in this yarn, which makes me vaguely twitchy, but on the other hand, I saw it and it made me smile, and surely you can't ask much more than that from a yarn? It is the right choice, right? RIGHT?!?

Right, and now back to work. ;-)

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