Sunday, June 26, 2005


Now, it's 11.14pm and I'm still working. In fact, I'm not planning to stop working for a good few hours yet, because I have an entire paper that needs to be finished by tomorrow morning. Can you imagine how thrilled I am about this?

Anyway, since I said so earlier I thought I'd post how far I've got with the sock. Today at lunchtime I took half an hour off and I actually managed to do the short-row shaping of the heel. I only made one small mistake, but it doesn't show too much...

Not an amazing photograph, I know, but it's late... ;-) At least you can see the beautiful heel!!

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  1. Anonymous8:39 am

    Just found your blog via your comment left on my blog:) Love the colours of your sock!! Please could you let me know what colourway the regia is? i haven't knitted socks yet but such lovely colours may be inspiration to start..
    Also looked through the rest of your blog and particularly like the unbiased bag - again in gorgeous colours and the ballet t-shirt (is this a knitty pattern?) - it looks great on you.