Thursday, September 08, 2005

Decisions, decisions...

I still haven't decided what I want to knit with all that Rowanspun DK. And to make matters worse, I bought some more, because I thought I might use it for the Market Square Sweater (IK Fall 05). But then somebody on the knitty board was kind enough to tell me the gauge (as my copy STILL hasn't arrived), and I think DK might be a bit too heavy. So, Rowanspun DK, what shall I do with you? Any suggestions, anyone?

And then, as if my DK dilemma wasn't enough to keep me occupied for the best part of this winter, I also succumbed to the lure that is Rowan's Bigger Picture:

You can see all the patterns in the booklet HERE.

Now, I'm lusting after Rowan Big Wool and Biggy Print. I would really like to knit this sweater:

And this one too:

And this cardigan looks soooo cozy!

And I think D might really like this sweater:

And they all look like they could be finished in about 5 minutes as well! I could knit lots and lots of them! Well, if I could afford lots and lots of Rowan Big Wool and Biggy Print, that is. That stuff is expensive. Maybe I should get spinning and just create my own yarn...


  1. Anonymous9:08 pm

    No idea for the Rowanspun DK but I am sure you'll find something to make with it at the end. Just be patient and the right pattern will turn up soon or later. I like those big wool patterns and you're right they look as if they can be done in a week-end...

  2. I love chunky yarns and patterns as well. They provide almost instant gratification! Rowan yarns can be a bit pricey though.

  3. I love Rowan patterns but I can't afford the books, let alone the yarn. ;) Tho' I did just splurge on some KidSilk. Those sweaters you've picked all look so cozy - I am ready for fall to arrive!

  4. The chunky tends to pill quite a lot so you have to care for it nicely. I love the self-portrait tuesday thing. Tempting....