Thursday, September 15, 2005

Knitty board yarn swap

A while ago, when I started de-stashing, I posted a list of all the yarns that I wanted to sell or swap on the knitty board and a lovely lady called Michelle contacted me to ask about all the Rowan yarn I wanted to get rid of. We decided to swap against some sock yarn and Romney roving as well as a drop spindle that she had and we both sent our parcels off. Well, yesterday, her parcel arrived here and isn't it fabulous??

Look at all that roving! And the drop spindle is HUGE. I can't wait to try it. Underneath there are two balls of oatmeal-coloured sock yarn and then she added a few surprises in as well - some teal-coloured sock yarn (2 balls) and a bar of handmade soap!! And thank you for the lovely letter that came with it. :)

Thank you so much Michelle, I'm over the moon with our swap!!

Now I just hope that my parcel to her will get to her soon - I'm always a bit worried when I'm sending stuff internationally as I've had quite a few things disappear over the years - and that wasn't even overseas, only from the UK to Germany and vice versa...


  1. Michelle's great to swap with isn't she? And her homemade soap is wonderful :)

  2. Anonymous1:57 pm

    You lucky girl! I have a drop spindle, it has sat on a shelf since it arrived and hasn't been touched! I should use it really.

  3. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Nice stuff!

  4. I need a new drop spindle!!!!

  5. I'm behind on posting I know I'm sorry! Glad you enjoyed it all and were a bit surprised!! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it all now....

  6. btw~ I LOVED the rowan you sent me!! ;o)) anytime.....