Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Earlier, I was walking through the pedestrian zone in town and I passed a shop that is called IRIS. It would be exciting to find a shop that bears my name, except, it's a clothes shop of the variety that has piles of clothes in containers outside, advertising them as 3 for 2. Looking at their window display I can also say with some conviction that the 80s are back.


You know, I think I must have passed this shop dozens of times because, well, every time I go into town tend to go this way. The shop is in a horrible little covered walkway. You know the type - concrete architecture ca. 1950, brown tiles on the floor, undefinable stains and graffiti on the walls, and the overpowering smell of urine hanging in the air. Why, you ask, do I choose come this way when I head into town?

Because the one and only LYS that I know of is in this walkway. It's not a very good LYS, in fact, it blends right in with the stained walls, the undefinable shades of beige and brown, and the stench of urine. It looks at home there. Inside, its a very similar time warp - brown carpet, not redecorated for fourty years. They mostly sell acrylic and wool blends, but also carry a bit of Rowan and Jaeger and sometimes there is interesting yarn in their huge sales bins. I don't normally buy anything there, which fills me in equal measure with satisfaction that for once I haven't bought anything and frustration that I haven't bought anything.

Today, though, I left with this:

Unfortunately the picture is useless in showing either the correct colours or texture of the yarn. Why did I bother?! Anyway, it's four balls of Jaeger Artisan in a pretty blue/green colourway, which I fished out of the sales bin, and three balls of Jaeger kathmandu, which are sooo pretty and soft and seem to be 4-ply - red, brown, orange, and some sparkles. Also reduced. How is that for unexpected hunting?! I think at least one of them is destined to become a One Skein Wonder. I've been hunting for some yarn to use for a while now.

After I had taken the picture of the yarn, I placed the bowl on the wooden chest we have in the bay window in the lounge, where it was promptly discovered by Kipper:

How ridiculous is that? It did look cozy though - in a very wobbly kind of way:


  1. My cats would do the same thing. Aren't they cute!

  2. Anonymous5:08 pm

    My cat had a plate, once. A wooden plate that was on the top of a high shelf, but she would sleep in it every evening. And then she grew too large. She has forgotten now, but there were years when she would wistfuly look up at the place where the plate was... We swear she was thinking 'I had a plate, once'

  3. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Aren't cats funny! I know exactly what you mean about the place your local yarn store is, there's many places like that in Nottingham where i lived, yeuch.

  4. He looks as though he's being served for dinner. What a cute photo.

  5. Anonymous4:05 am

    I love your kitty. She/he looks very much like my girl, Candie.