Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm feeling so sleepy today. I'm up, and I've had the obligatory two cups of tea, plus three crumpets, yet I'm still sitting here, barely keeping my eyes open. It doesn't help that one of my cats is curled up between me and the keyboard, snoring contentedly.

I think I might go into town today, just for an hour or so. I am getting all the little gifts for my secret pal together and I still have to get some things. Hopefully I can get the parcel in the post by the end of this week.

Other than that, there are no news. I washed some more fleece yesterday and apart from that, spent a mostly unproductive and frustrating day with household chores. Some little knitting on the Hourglass Sleeves yesterday evening, but that is it.

This is not going to be a great day, I can tell.


  1. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Come and join us in a decent wool shop on a Tuesday evening, in Leamington.

  2. Hi Diane!
    you know, just today I was thinking that I really really ought to come to the meetings in Leamington. I still have the phonenumber of Web of Wool that you gave me so I will give them a ring...