Thursday, September 22, 2005

Secret Pal thoughts...

I've spent some time this morning, wrapping up and packing the first parcel to my secret pal. Quite exciting, really. I hope she'll like it.

Getting the gift ready made me think about how I feel about SP.

I've never been part of a secret pal exchange before, and the whole process still seems a bit strange to me. That I send a gift to someone but get one back from someone else without the chance to reciprocate by sending them something... I like looking at my secret pal's blog and trying to figure out what she might like - although sadly she doesn't update very often, so there isn't a lot of activity going on... I have also sent her a few emails to make sure that she doesn't think I've disappeared. Looking at the LJ knitting community and people's journals I get the feeling that there is so much anxiety about people dropping out, etc...

So how much are you expected to contact your secret pal? If she posted more often I would try to leave comments, but as it is, do I just write emails? Or postcards? My secret pal has left a comment here, so I know that he/she is out there, but I haven't otherwise heard anything. I'm not worried, but should I be?!

I think I will send my pal an email saying that I have posted something, just so she knows that a parcel is on its way. But is this what you'd normally do?!

Don't mind me, I'm just trying to feel my way through this unknown terrain...


  1. I think it depends on who you have as a secret pal. Some people are fine with an email once a month saying that a package is coming. Some people like more contact. My guess is that if this person does not update her blog, that you shouldn't feel bad if you aren't contacting her all the time. As for the person who has you, I wouldn't be concerned unless it gets into the middle of October and you haven't received anything.

  2. Anonymous2:53 pm

    I have paticipated in two, and it has gone well both times. I just left the odd comment, and sent an email to say when each packet was going out in the post. MY SPs more or less did the same to me - in fact, last sp didn't leave me comments on the blog just emailed whenever package went out.

    I would only worry by mid October - I was quite lax with my postage days and the last package always arrived on or just after the reveal date.

    Also, you can always send a thank you present afterwards to your SP - mine was so generous this time round that I sent her a book and some yarn.

  3. Yeah dont worry about it too much! I generally send my pal an email to say a package is on its way and leave comments from time to time. I feel its difficult to find things to say to your pals because you cant let them know anything about you! So what else do you say apart from; package on its way, hope you like it! etc.

  4. I share your anxiety! I'm doing the Knitty SP5, my first. I'm in pretty regular contact with the person I'm gifting too, but then she knows who I am (oops!).

    The SP gifting to me leaves the odd comment on my blog, but nothing else beyond sending me my first package, which was great.

    I think you just have to go with the flow and not worry too much. It really does seem odd doesn't it, getting gifts from someone you're not gifting to. But yet it doesn't seem so odd that you're gifting to someone else and they're not gifting to you!

  5. Anonymous9:46 pm

    Silly lady, have no worries, I'm still keeping an eye out on you *wink*

    Your Secret Pal

  6. Hello Secret Pal!!

    Thanks for your comment. I wasn't really worried about you disappearing, just generally concerned about the workings of secret pal, but it's very reassuring to hear from you anyway! :)