Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I have a thing...

Do you see this? Looks like one lonely skein of Rowanspun DK in Burnt Orange, doesn't it?

You are right.

I got it from my local Hobbycraft outlet this morning, spied it in a sale bin and pounced. This was quite a surprise to me because the yarn selection at Hobbycraft is usually pretty slim, and reductions are rare. This was not terribly cheap, but cheap enough that I couldn't resist.

Fine, no problem, right?

Only... the skein is not really all that lonely. It has 10 mates to keep it company. ALL the mates it had in the sales bin, in fact.

Add to that the unplanned purchase of 10 balls of Jaeger Shetland Aran in almost the same colour, that I talked myself into yesterday, and you have orange overload.

I better come out and just say it - I have a thing for burnt orange yarn. I LOVE the colour, want to cuddle, it, pet it, squeeze it.

This is a relatively new thing. OK, so I have this old orange crochet tank that I still wear in the summer, but apart from that my wardrobe is orange-free, I swear! But there is something so bold and warm and just plain delicious about the colour that lately I don't seem to be able to resist.

The thing is only, how many sweaters, hats, scarves, ... does a person really need in the same colour?!


  1. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Do you have any ideas yet of what you want to knit with ALL this yarn? I agree this is a lovely colour and if you knit fast enough, you might stand out in the sea of BROWNS that, it seems, everybody will have to wear this winter!

  2. rowanspun dk is lovely yarn. i am super envious. i didn't buy any when it was discontinued and on sale on colourway and now i regret it.

    i'm looking forward to seeing what you make with this little number.

  3. I hope to make some kind of sweater with it. I don't have a specific pattern in mind yet, but I hope that 11 skeins will be enough for most projects...

  4. Anonymous4:47 am

    I have 6 skeins of the same yarn, same colorway. I made a Retro Prep Pullover from Interweave Knits out of it in grey, and plan on making the cardigan version from the orange...probably. After buying this, I went and picked up 10 skeins of Rowan ASC from somebody selling it off there blog and it turned out to be almost the exact same color! Hmm. I've got two burnt orange sweaters waiting to be knit up too.
    I'm not sure this is the best color on me, but I'll give it a wing.

  5. I too bought a tonne of Rowanspun DK, some for myself and some for Mum in Melbourne. I got her 10 balls of this same colour to make Mist from Rowan Mag 26