Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Handspun and hand-dyed...

I forgot, I wanted to post a picture of my first handspun, hand-dyed yarn, all pretty now, in tidy skeins:

And another picture, for more accurate colours:

The red 2 sachets of Red Cherry Koolaid, and the skein weighs 50g.

The orange and green (orange again... can you see the pattern?!) is one sachet each of Tangerine (the orange) and Wild Watermelon & Kiwi (the green). The skein weighs 60g.

I'm pleased with the colours, in particular as this was grey wool, so I wasn't too sure how the Koolaid would take.


  1. lurvv using cherry, the colours it gives can be quite wild ! I use all my wild & wacky koolaide dyed yarn to knit funky mittens & hats for my 2 & 3yr olds.


  2. I think I might make some hats and mittens with this lot too. I guess that's always the thing with koolaid dying - there is never very much of it, so the things that can be knitted are limited. :)

  3. Hey, Iris, great yarn, especially for a FIRST try!!
    Wow! Also, love the burnt orange thing, too. Don't know why, I thought it was living in the desert that did it to me, but that wouldn't explain things in your case, now would it? Ok, really want that pattern from Stephen's first sweater? We are trying to decide whether or not to actually write it up and sell it, but you look like a capable knitter, so e-mail us at and I will either let you know how to buy it, or just e-mail you some directions.
    Knit on!

  4. Beautiful! Your dye job is fantastic!

  5. they are so good looking those skeins - congrats!